Premium Water Bore Service Testimonial

Mining Geologist - Leigh Meagher

Mayor of Orange City - Cr. John Davis, OAM

Blowes Real Estate - Gary Blowes - Owner

Water Bore Drilling Contractors


The Premium Water Bore Drilling Service is now empowering every Australian farmer to take control of water security on their farmland and turn Australian agriculture into a profitable and sustainable business, boosting farming income and improved quality of life for every farmer.

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Business & Industry

The Premium Water Bore Drilling Service can now transform our mainland towns and cities into thriving Commercial and Industrial hubs with ironclad water security provisions from a source which doesn't rely on rainfall for recharge, nor does it compete with conventional groundwater systems

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Water Suppliers

As stewards of Australia's water supply networks the Premium Water Bore Drilling Service can provide every Town, Council and Municipal water supplier with a robust solution to their water security provisions with fast and scalable access to potable water near actual points of use

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